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at ManpowerGroup
Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Date Posted June 24, 2022
Category Construction
Job Type Not Specified


Position Summary: Prepares finished lumber product for shipment to customer.

Job Functions:

* Operates exit rollers to deliver finished product to the outside stacking area.

* Inspects the product to ensure quality standards are met. Makes repairs when necessary.

* Operates a saw to cut lumber pieces.

* Safely stacks the finished trusses onto lumber racks according to defined stacking procedures.

* Bands lumber product orders together into bundles.

* Marks the bundles with customer/job site information to insure delivery.

* Cleans up the work area. Sweeps and shovels. Picks up and discards metal scrap, nails, plates, and other trash.

* Miscellaneous duties: assembles trusses and other products; records lumber usage; assists in training new employees.

* Repairs trusses on occasion.

* Other duties assigned by the foreman and/or manager.

Machines, Tools and Equipment Used to Perform Job Functions:

hammer tape measure banding equipment ink markers/stamps

circular saw plate puller ladder stacking scaffolding

racks broom exit rollers

Materials Used to Perform Job Functions:

raw lumber treated lumber metal banding

metal plates metal clips

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements:

safety eyewear with sideshields leather workboots that cover the ankle

gloves (hand protection) dust mask (when operating a saw)

hardhat (optional)

Physical Job Demands and Exposures:

Ten (10) hours per day, four (4) days per week, average five (5) hours overtime per week. Stands and walks 9.5 hours a day. Rarely stationary. Works on macadam floor. Climbs onto scaffolding and ladders regularly at height of up to 8 feet to band bundles together. Handles very large lumber products - up to 80 feet in length. Must continually push, pull, bend, stoop, twist and reach.

Regularly lifts/stacks lumber products in excess of 300 lbs. with the assistance of another employee at knuckle height. Supports the product during stacking procedures by pushing the product up into a vertical position for banding purposes. Repetitive motion is minimal.

Works closely with other employees in a team. Some stress due to production demands. Must remain alert at all times due to trusses exiting the building into the stacking area. Near, far, and peripheral vision required (corrective lens acceptable).

Works outside most of the time in all weather conditions. Must be able to dress in layers to protect from the cold temperatures (0 degrees Fahrenheit). Must also be able to work under the heat of the sun in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. Will work in inclement weather (rain, snow).

Chemical exposures cleaning solutions, sawdust, nuisance dusts, marker inks, potential carbon monoxide from forklifts.

Qualifications: (required skills used in completing job functions)

* take accurate measurements using a tape measure

* basic math to include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

* read manufacturing paperwork (English)

* basic verbal and written communication skills (English)

* able to work with other employees

* follow directions and carry out instructions

* able to physically perform the job tasks identified and tolerate extreme weather conditions

* safety conscious

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